Our Purpose


The purpose of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing is to facilitate the individual and group Divine Plan of Human and Universal Evolution.

Personal Purpose

The School of Healing provides a safe and stimulating environment for students to:

  • Create optimum health on all levels
  • Uncover their essential core qualities
  • Learn to deal with central life issues
  • Create healthy, fulfilling relationships and balanced lives
  • Develop and facilitate the personal creative process
  • Bring forth and delight in each individual's uniqueness

Global Purpose

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing works to:

  • Create optimum health on a global level
  • Enhance human consciousness and planetary evolution
  • Dissolve the imaginary veil between the spiritual and material worlds
  • Facilitate humanity to the next step of evolution
  • Honor our ancestral, religious, and cosmic heritage
  • Honor and preserve our present and future generations
  • Recognize the human heart as the central healer and preserver of humanity
  • Witness the pain on earth, touch it with love, and surrender to healing