LaBrie, Anne

LaBrie, Anne
BBSH 2000
Los Gatos, CA, United States
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Los Gatos
United States

Welcome – I am so glad you stopped by my page.

I graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing a really long time ago. I've used the information, techniques and philosophies in my energy healing practice and in my life every single day since. It is my great joy to help people 'line up' with their life purpose and to release old patterns and hurts–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The sense of freedom and encouragement that my clients feel after receiving energy healing is deeply personal, enlightening and long lasting.

Years ago as part of my own self-care, I began taking classes in painting and photography. As I expanded and cleared my own energy field through artistic experimentation and play, fresh insights and ideas flowed in. It was so much fun and became an important extension of my healing process. I decided to learn to teach this process to those who long to tap into their own creativity. Energy healing clears old blocks and baggage – and we combine it's power with step-by-step instructions into your unique creative expression. This combination is truly life changing.

I now offer private healing sessions, creativity classes and a combination of both called Table to Canvas. Your session begins with a chakra clearing and then moves to a canvas, where I lead you in purposeful play – with paint! I have an office in Los Gatos, California and I also do long-distance energy healing the US and the UK.

Feel free to contact me at my new website: to learn more about current class offerings, and discover the difference they can make for you in your life!

In the light and through the paint,