Getting Started FAQs

Do I have to live in the state where the school is to attend BBSH?

No, our students attend the school from all over the world. They attend the resident training week and go back home until the next training week. Our classes met 5 times a year, approximately 6 weeks apart. In between the resident training weeks all students travel back home.

What is the tuition for 2023–2024 school year?

Tuition is $7,900 for all schools (except Japan, see next paragraph) and with the extended payment plan, the down payment at the time of application is $1,900, then 10 monthly payments of $600 with no finance charges. There is also a pay-in-full and partial payment option.

Tuition for BBSH Japan is $8,500; with the extended payment plan, the down payment at the time of application is $2,000, then 10 monthly payments of $650 with no finance charges. There is also a pay-in-full and partial payment option.

Does the school offer scholarships?

Yes, we are offering partial scholarships for the 2023–24 school year for Black and African-American or First Nations/First Peoples prospective students. The tuition will be $4,740 per year, which is 60% of our regular tuition of $7,900. We are offering a total of 6 partial scholarships at any of the BBSH school locations for those who qualify. There is an application process required, so all interested prospective students need to contact the BBSH administrative office at for the application.

I have completed many trainings in healing and spiritual work. Can this be applied to BBSH to make the program less than the 4 years?

All students start in Year 1 regardless of their prior trainings or experience. Each year builds upon the previous one so we are unable to fast track anyone.

I already have a Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply this to BBSH to make the training shorter?

We can review your transcript to determine if any of your general education courses are eligible for transfer credit. This will not make the program shorter as it is still a 4 year program. You just may need to take less of the general education online courses. (See the difference between the BS Degree and PS Diploma program below.)

What is the difference between the Professional Studies Diploma program and the Bachelor of Science Degree program?

The programs are exactly the same in terms of the resident training and distance learning. The BS degree has additional requirements: (1) 9 general education courses and (2) Anatomy and Physiology II, III, and IV. A&P I is eligible for transfer credit.

I would like to take the training online. Do you offer this option?

Yes, we do offer online training for most all of our schools, but be sure to check with our enrollment advisor to confirm the online option for the school you plan to attend.

What are the prerequisites to attend?

Students must be at last 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

What is the registration deadline?

Early registration deadline is September 1st but you can register up to Class 1 for each school (September/October). There are distance learning modules due before this therefore we encourage you to enroll before Class 1.

If I can’t make the registration deadline is late enrollment possible?

Yes, with the exception of the Advanced Studies Program, we are able to enroll students into Class 2. Teachers will assist in providing missed information and the skills taught in Class 1. The tuition is the same.

How much time does it take to complete the homework?

The program is divided into two sections—resident training and distance learning. Typically, a student spends 3–5 hours per week on the distance learning modules.

Can I earn a degree in Oxford?

No, the Bachelor of Science degree is only offered at the main Florida school. BBSH is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education to offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science.

What are the class hours during resident training week?

Depending upon the day, required courses begin sometime between 7am and 7:45 am and continue until 5pm with a scheduled 1 to 1½ hour lunch everyday. There are a few evenings during the week where your attendance will be required at a lecture or an event. These usually end between 9 pm and 9:30 pm.

How many days a year can a student be absent?

5 days during one year with a maximum of 10 days over the 4 years

How do I find a therapist for the personal process requirement?

Traditional therapists with a masters or higher degree are qualified to be your personal process practitioner. There are also Brennan Integration practitioners who are eligible to fulfill this requirement. They have had a total of 6 years of training—4 years and then an additional 2 of advanced studies. All therapists with eligible credentials are listed in the catalog. There are 18 sessions required each school year.

Who attends BBSH?

Ranging in age from 18 to 75, our students have backgrounds in many diverse professions. More than 15% of our students are practicing members of the healthcare community, working as medical doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, psychotherapists, and nutritionists. BBSH students are also artists, writers, teachers, accountants, attorneys, business consultants and owners, and computer technicians, as well as numerous other professions, including stay-at-home parents.

What program years are taught at the different regional schools?

For the 2023–24 school year, we are teaching BBSH Year 1 only (of the 4 years of training) in the New York, Colorado, Minnesota, France, Germany, and Italy schools; BBSH Years 1–2 in the California and Australasia schools; and BBSH Years 1–3 in the Japan school.

If I attend a Year 1 only Regional School, how do we complete the training and become a Brennan Healing Science practitioner?

Upon successful completion of Year 1, you can transfer to BBSH in Florida, BBSH in California, or BBSH UK in Oxford, England, to complete Years 2, 3, and 4.

Is the curriculum the same at the Regional Schools as BBSH in Florida and BBSH UK in Oxford?

Yes, the curriculum is exactly the same.

What programs are offered at the Regional Schools?

We are offering our professional studies diploma program. The Bachelor of Science degree is only offered at the main Florida school.