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Brennan Healing Science is a system of healing that combines hands-on-healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of your life. Graduates of our 4-year program are certified as Brennan Healing Science Practitioners.

Brennan Integration Work is a form of energetic body-centered personal process. Brennan Integration Practitioners receive an additional two years of training for personal and group processes. Graduates of our 6-year program are certified as Brennan Integration Practitioners. You can find a list of the BIW Practitioners here (this list will soon be merged with the database below).

Featured Practitioners: Graduates who are showcasing their unique practices
Brennan Integration Practitioners: Graduates of our 4-year program and our 2-year Advanced Studies program
Currently Active: Brennan Healing Science Practitioners who maintain a practice
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Blanca, Minsú
BBSH 2013 / ASBIW 2017
Miami, FL, United States
Bright, Priscilla
BBSH 1997 / TT 1999 / BIP/STP 2005
New York City, NY, United States
Christine, Nancy
BBSH 2002 / ASED 2004 / BIP/STP 2004
Oceanside, CA, United States
Curreri, Lynnette
BBSH 2013 / ASBIW 2015
Cape Coral / North Fort Myers / Fort Pierce, FL, United States
Johns, Michael
BBSH 2013 / ASBIW 2015
Kittery Point, ME, United States
Keene, Laurie
1992 (TT 1993) (BIP 1998)
Collingswood, NJ, United States
Nelson, Sonya
BBSH 2011 / ASBIW 2013 / BS 2011
Houston, TX, United States
Puleo, Marijo
BBSH 2013 / ASBIW 2015
Belmar, NJ, United States
Reid, Karen BHSP
BBSH 2007 / ASBIW 2016
Auckland, New Zealand
Segal, Randall
BBSH 2012 / ASBIW 2015 / AS3 2016 / BS 2012
Atlantic Beach, FL, United States
Vasiljević Berset, Sandra
BBSH 2017 / ASBIW 2019
London, United Kingdom
Adams, Paula
BBSHE 2010
West Sussex, United Kingdom
Anderson, Melinda
Costa Mesa, CA, United States
Anderson, Melinda
Fayetteville, AR, United States
Astrid, Aluvia Marlene
2004 (BS 2006)
Austin/Spicewood, TX, United States
Avnet, Lisa - BHSP, CHt
Lenox, MA, United States

AS – Advanced Studies Program Graduate

ASBIW – Advanced Studies/Brennan Integration Work Graduate

AS3 – Teacher Training Program Graduate

TT – Teacher Training Program Graduate (prior to 2003)

BS – Bachelor of Science in Brennan Healing Science® 

BIP – Brennan Integration Practitioner Program Graduate (prior to 2009)

BHSP – Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner