BBSH and Brennan Institute Faculty

The professional faculty members provide a uniquely powerful and safe environment in which healing can take place on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.   Listed below are the faculty members for the 2019–2020 school year.


LAURIE KEENE, BBSH Florida Year 3 Class Dean & Brennan Institute ASBIW Class Dean
Laurie Keene began studying with Barbara in 1986. After graduating in 1992, Barbara invited Laurie to move to East Hampton, New York to assist her in administrating and teaching. Laurie worked side by side with Barbara, spreading the work of Brennan Healing Science from 1993–2016. Her BBSH tenure included: Director of the BBSH/BBI organization, School Dean of both the BBSH (U.S.) and BBSH (European) schools, visiting dean for BBSH Japan, Year 1 Dean in BBSH and BBSHE, Teacher Training Department Head, Hands of Light Workshop Facilitator Trainer as well as workshop leader. Laurie holds a Bachelor of Science degree, is a Core Energetic therapist, Brennan Healing Practitioner, Brennan Integration Practitioner (BIP) and Continuum teacher. Laurie has been in private practice since 1992, is a spiritual channel and clairvoyant. She is author of Awakening to the Truth of Who You Are, and is currently at work on her second book, The Multi-Dimensional Self.  
DONNA EVANS-STRAUSS, BBSH Florida Senior Faculty
Donna Evans-Strauss graduated in 1992 from BBSH and completed teacher training in 1994. From 1994–2000 she served as the Department Head of Healing Sciences. From 2000–2005, Donna served as Year 4 Dean and created the Brennan Integration Practitioner Program as her project demonstrating excellence in her Ph.D. program at Union Institute. She currently serves as a Congregational Care Minister (CCM) and is implementing a Caregiver Program. Donna’s other certifications include Pathwork Helper, Past Life Therapy, Psychodrama Training, Family Systems Training – Hahnemann University. She has a BS degree in Mental Health Technology from Hahnemann University. Donna also served on the Philadelphia Pathwork Board and the Institute for Ethical Awareness. She is the author of Blessings From a Thousand Generations: What Our Biblical Ancestors Can Teach Us About Healing Our Families Today book and workbook. She is currently editing Grace Touch for Family and Friends, a book she co-authored with BBSH graduate, Michele Bourgeois, RN.  
LISA VANOSTRAND, BBSH Florida Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
Lisa graduated from BBSH in 1995. She has been a teacher on the freshman and senior teams and has taught in the BIP program. She has been Department head of Psych-spiritual Skills and Dean of Advanced Studies. She was the senior editor of Core Light Healing and created the workshops for Core Light Healing and Light Emerging. She is a core energetic therapist and is currently in the Neuroeffective Relational Mode program which is a model for addressing developmental trauma. Lisa is an acupuncturist and is considered a primary care physician in Florida. She has a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, Bachelors in Health Science and a Doctorate in Medical Qigong (CHINA). She is also getting certified in Functional Medicine. Lisa has lived in India and is also a certified Yoga Teacher. Lisa’s business background includes a Master’s in Business Administration. She worked for a major accounting firm as well as various fortune 500 companies.


JOY ADLER, BBSH Florida ASBIW Class Dean & BBSH New York Year 1 Class Dean
Joy Adler graduated BBSH in 1998 and then went on to complete Teacher Training. She has completed the Center for Intentional Living’s early childhood psychology program. She has previously taught in Year 2 and is currently the Department Head of Advanced Studies. She is also a Hands of Light Workshop Leader. Joy has completed several Ceremonial Elder trainings and is certified a Shamanic Practitioner. She holds certifications and degrees as a Massage Therapist, Educator, Holistic & Pastoral Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Family Constellation provider, Ayurvedic Nutritional Counselor, Yoga teacher as well as a Soundhealer. She earned an Associates degree in Mass Media Communications from The Sage Colleges, and combines her training in communications, bodywork and healing science as an educator and ongoing guest host on radio. Joy teaches at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. Together with her musical group, The Souls of Evolution, Joy creates Musical Healing Events.  
JONATHAN BESSONE, BBSH Florida Year 2 Class Dean
Jonathan began his path as a breathwork and firewalk facilitator in 1991, and then became certified as a Shamanic Practitioner in 1993. Jonathon is also a licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner. He graduated from BBSH in 2000, and then graduated from the Teacher Training and Brennan Integration Practitioner Program in 2003. Jonathan has 12 years’ experience on the teaching team. Jonathon has taught in both Years 1 and 2 at both BBSH and BBSH in Japan. He is currently the Lead Teacher for Year 2. In addition to his work at BBSH, Jonathan is co-founder of Thriving Healers, an online training program that helps healers make a great living doing the work they love. Jonathon’s specializes in body-centered awakening process and loves to support both students and clients who have a vision of service to bring their gifts into manifestation.  
KATHY BOWER, BBSH California Year 1 Class Dean
Kathy graduated from BBSH in 2002. She then went on to graduate from Advanced Studies in Education and the Brennan Integration Program. Kathy has taught on Year 1 and Year 2; she has also held the position of the Year 2 Class Dean. She facilitates Hands of Light Workshops as well as Core Light Healing Workshops. Kathy’s teaching experience includes being a Senior Teacher in a Shamanic personal transformation and training program. She loves teaching online classes worldwide. She is Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Kathy holds a B.S. in Business Administration/ Marketing. Prior to her career in Holistic Health she was in high technology marketing for over 20 years. In 1998 she founded a high technology marketing and communications consulting firm serving venture capital funded start-up companies. Prior to that she was Vice President of Corporate Marketing for an Internet security company and was in marketing, branding and communications management 1987-1997.  
DEBORAH MATHISON NOEKER, BBSH Florida Year 1 Class Dean & BBSH Florida Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
Deborah Mathison Noeker attended BBSH 1995-1999 as an adjunct to her nursing career and passion for wellness in Health Education. She graduated from UWM with a Nursing degree (BSN), and later attended Florida State University to pursue her master’s in health education. Following graduation, she attended BBSH’s Teacher Training program, and became a teacher in the Year 1 team for 17 years. Deborah now holds the lead teacher position in Year 1 and Anatomy & Physiology I. Deborah has also taught Anatomy & Physiology in our Europe and Japan schools. She is also a licensed Heartmath Provider. Combining 45 years of experience in various nursing positions, including cardiac ICU and rehab, mental health and hospice home care. Deborah is a stained-glass artist and enjoys creative fabric design. She has an art studio in Key West, Florida and lives on a classic restored sail boat with her sailor husband and cat.  
KARL PERNULL, Brennan Institute Year 1 Class Dean
Karl Pernull studied with Barbara Brennan in Europe and the US, graduating in 2010. After completion of the Advanced Studies program, he continued his Teacher Training. Karl is currently the lead teacher for the Year 1 class. While living in the US he completed his training as a Transformational Breath Facilitator. Karl holds an MBA from Innsbruck University in Austria involving research and project work in Nepal. He also holds a Bachelor in Healing Science and a Masters Degree in Complementary Psychosocial Integrated Health from the University in Graz, where he is researching a Ph.D. in Heart Rate Variability Measurement for Breath Therapy. Karl runs a practice in Austria and holds seminars in Europe. Karl passionately loves teaching the first year at BI, facilitating this first step in the transformational process towards your true Self. He welcomes all those opening to the call of their souls to join us in the celebration of creative potential.  
HAROUNA SOUMAH, BBSH Florida Year 4 Class Dean
Harouna graduated from BBSH in 2002, and then went on to complete the Advanced Studies Program and the Brennan Integration Program. Harouna has taught on both Year 3 and Year 4. He is currently the Lead Teacher of the Year 4 teaching team. Harouna holds degrees in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, and Marriage, Family and Couples Therapy. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Nationally Certified Counselor. Other certifications include Certified Yoga teacher, Certified trauma professional, Certified Mindfulness for Children and Teens instructor, RADKIDS instructor. He also holds Instructor levels in a variety of Martial Arts. Harouna’s specialty is working with trauma and anxiety. He works with students and clients holistically. Harouna is skilled in many modalities of counseling and healing including Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Brennan Healing Science, Reiki & Seichim Energy Healing, Unified Therapy™, and others. Harouna is passionate about what emerges through self-exploration.  
SAUNDRA STEPHEN PHD SEP BIP, Brennan Institute Year 2 Class Dean
Saundra is currently the second year, lead teacher at The Brennan Institute in Oxford. She has a PhD in Health Science, holds three Masters Degrees, and has led an international research study on the effects of Embodied Mindfulness. Saundra is a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Practitioner certified in both Europe and the US. She also enjoys leading Hands of Light, Core Light Healing and Light Emerging workshops internationally. She has studied a wide variety of healing modalities including Continuum, Core Energetics, Meditation, Sound Healing, and Early Childhood Development. She brings this wealth of experience along with her love and enthusiasm for life to her students and clients. Some of her publications include “Brennan Healing Science: An Integrative Approach to Therapeutic Intervention” and several articles in “The Journal of Alternative Medicine Research”. Director of “Wellness at Work”, Saundra teaches heart-center shamanism and is alo a certified teacher of Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Therapeutic Mindfulness.


TANIA BUCHANAN BOYD, BBSH Florida Year 3 Teacher
Tania graduated from BBSH in 2006. After graduating from Advanced Studies and Teacher Training in 2013, she joined the Year 3 teaching team. Tania holds a BA in Psychology from University of North Florida. In pursuit of her own spiritual awakening and healing, she has studied and graduated from many unique programs that have helped shape her as the teacher and healer she is today. Tania is certified as a Family Constellation Practitioner through Faust Constellation Approach. Graduating from Educating Hands School of Massage, she holds a Florida massage license. She is also a Cranio-Sacral Therapist trained at Upledger Institute. She is a Continuum Movement Therapist; Continuum movement is a form of fluid-based movement. Both at school and in her private healing practice, Tania is passionate about the healing arts and sciences, and combines her knowledge of the Human Energy Consciousness System, Psychology, Movement and Sound to help empower students and clients to heal themselves.  
MANEL CASANOVA, BBSH Florida Year 3 Teacher
Manel graduated from BBSH in 2011, completed Advanced Studies in June 2017, and joined the Year 3 teaching team in October 2017. He has a successful healing practice in Boulder, Colorado, and is a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado. Manel’s trainings began in the late 1990s in Spain, studying body-based therapies like Reflexology, Meridians Massage and Giodo Shiatsu. He also trained in Past Life Regression, Reiki, and Constellation Work in California. Manel started a close relationship with two Lakota medicine men who have allowed him to be involved in many traditional ceremonies. He participated in several Tantric trainings in recent years to deepen intimacy and relationships. One of Manel’s strongest passions is rock and mountain climbing. In 1994, he solo climbed the Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina, having a strong spiritual experience when he reached the top. Manel is now leading workshops in the mountains to help others experience the natural connection with Nature, Spirit and Self.  
JÓHANNA JÓNASDÓTTIR, Brennan Institute Year 2 Teacher
Jóhanna graduated from BBSHE in 2013 and later graduated from the Brennan Integration Program and Teacher Training. She then became a teacher on the Year 4 team at BBSH. Johanna is now teaching on the Year 2 team at Brennan Institute. Jóhanna has a flourishing therapy & healing practice in Reykjavík, Iceland. She also leads Hands of Light workshops. Johanna is training to be a Ho'oponopono workshop leader and also continues her studies in Shamanism. Jóhanna has a BA degree in acting from Boston University and worked as an actress, producer & writer in New York, Los Angeles, and Reykjavík for 18 years. She was a Restaurant Service Manager while at BBSH and also teaches belly dance, leads her show group and organizes dance shows in Reykjavík. In 1998 Jóhanna experienced a period of profound spiritual awakening that changed the course of her life and has led her to where she is today.  
LYNN LANDIS, BBSH Florida Year 1 Teacher
Lynn has been at BBSH continuously since graduating in 2011. She felt that her learning had just begun so she continued into the Advanced Studies program, and after graduating she became a teacher on the Year 1 team. What Lynn loves most about teaching is welcoming seekers of all ages and backgrounds and walking with them as they traverse this path of multi-dimensional transformation. Lynn’s first career spanned 30 years in the performing arts, primarily in New York City where she was a manager and producer in Broadway and Off-Broadway theater. She was an Associate Producer on Mel Brooks’ “The Producers.” Lynn also served as the Managing Director for the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia and Executive Vice President on the Board of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. Committed to lifelong learning, Lynn has received training in Developmental Somatic Psychology, and trains and competes as “a forever beginner” tennis player.  
TITTA RIKKONEN-GUY, Brennan Institute Year 1 Teacher
Titta Riikonen-Guy graduated in 2017 from BBSH’s Advanced Studies program, having studied Brennan Healing Science in both Europe (BBSHE) and in the United States (BBSH). She completed Teacher Training in 2018 and is currently a teacher on the Year 1 teaching team at the Brennan Institute in Oxford, England. Titta also organizes workshops around the theme ” From Hurt to Hurt into Heart to Heart,” on her own and sometimes with a clinical sexologist and meditation/breathing specialists. Another passion of hers is unchaining the unlimited potential of individuals. She believes we are capable of anything we set our minds into. Previously Titta worked as M&A specialist for a major American investment bank and as Oil Trader for a national Finnish oil company. She earned a M.Sc (in Econ) from Helsinki School of Economics. Currently living in Miami, Florida after four years in New York, Titta has also lived in Turkey, England, Japan, Switzerland and France.  
RANDALL SEGAL, BBSH Florida Year 2 Teacher
Randall graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Brennan Healing Science in 2012, and completed ASBIW in 2015 and Teacher Training in 2016. Currently, he is the BBSH Alumni Director and a teacher on the Year 2 teaching team. Randall incorporates his experience of over 30 years in the hospitality management field—along with his understanding of human interaction and dynamics—into his skills as a teacher and healer. Randall holds a position on the Board of Directors for the Brennan Healing Science Association, acting as Community Membership Manager. He dedicates his time and creative gifts toward helping to foster a dynamic worldwide graduate community. He is also a founder of the Living Resilience Project, a program that puts you back in the center of your life. Randall believes that the greatest gift one can give is the gift of self-discovery.  
MARCUS SORENSEN, Brennan Institute Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
Marcus Sorensen is a multimodal therapist, PhD researcher and neuropsychology lecturer at the University of Kent in England. He graduated from BSSH-Europe in 2011, Advanced Studies in 2015 and Teacher Training in 2018. He works to bring a biological basis of understanding to psychological and spiritual processes across many aspects of life, such as consciousness and perception, while also maintaining a transpersonal perspective. In short, he enjoys working from cell to soul. His PhD research is on interoception, which is our ability to sense our inner environment, both in terms of emotions and physical sensations. He now teaches A&P at the Brennan Institute in Oxford and presents neuroscience-themed HMD lectures. Marcus holds an MSc in Cognitive Psychology, a BSc in Psychology with Medical Sciences, an MA in Architecture, and a BA in Commercial Languages, as well as Diplomas in Trauma Therapy, Sports & Remedial Massage, and Psychosexual & Couples Therapy.  
ED THRALL, BBSH Florida Year 4 Teacher
Ed Thrall graduated from BBSH in 2003, then went on to complete the Advanced Studies program and the Brennan Integration Practitioner program. Ed is a graduate of Florida International University, graduating with a BBA. Ed has been a teacher at the School for 13 years, and has taught on Years 2, 3, and 4. He has a special interest in out of body experiences and altered states of consciousness. Ed has completed 10 programs at the Monroe Institute doing personal research. He was also trained in Remote Viewing by former military intelligence officers after that program was declassified in 1995. Ed is a very successful business man owning and managing his own insurance company. Ed works with his wife with a company they founded, BreathFX, training facilitators and trainers in conscious and transformational breathing. Based on his own healing journey, Ed believes there is no condition of the human body that cannot be normalized.  
CHRISTINE WHAITE, Brennan Institute ASBIW Teacher
Christine began her studies in Brennan Healing Science in 1995, graduating in 1999, and gaining an Advanced Studies diploma in 2001. She taught in the first and fourth years of training at the Brennan school in Europe from 2003 to 2015, where she was also Alumni Director. She currently teaches in the Advanced Studies program at the Brennan Institute in Oxford. Christine was a consultant to the 1992 Earth Summit (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) and continues to take a lead in inner city restoration and environmental protection projects. In 2000 she established the London Labyrinth project in London’s Barbican, so that people could have an opportunity to experience the tranquility and inner focus that walking the labyrinth can provide. The labyrinth project continues to grow. Christine holds an MA degree from the University of Oxford in England and an MBA degree from the Ivey Business School in Canada.


DR. RODOLFO FELIX, BBSH Florida ASBIW Teacher & Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
Rodolfo became interested in healing as a teenager. Rodolfo went on to become a medical doctor and holds his degree from the Universaid La Salle. He has also won the Magna Cum Award National Mexican Pentathletes School for Public Speaking. Rodolfo graduated from BBSH in 2007 and then went on to complete Advanced Studies and Teacher Training. Rodolfo currently is a teacher on the Advanced Studies/Brennan Integration Work team and also teaches Anatomy & Physiology II. Rodolfo has trained in basic and advanced levels of Silva Mind Control. He is a certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner as well as Aztec Elixir Practitioner. Roldolfos’ other accomplishments includes creating the workshop Movimiento, which teaches attendees how to ride the wave of any kind of music to promote healing and deepen embodiment. Rodolfo integrates his medical knowledge, Brennan Healing Science skills, and knowledge of personal process transformation work in order to deeply support his students and clients.