Bachelor of Science Degree Program

In November, 2002 the Florida Commission for Independent Education granted BBSH approval to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Brennan Healing Science.

Overview of the Program

To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Brennan Healing Science students must complete 125 semester credit hours, to include:

1. Four-Year Brennan Healing Science Professional Studies Program—the equivalent of 84 semester credit hours;

2. Four Courses (a total of 14 semester credit hours) in Anatomy and Physiology—one course (5 semester credit hours) is in general Anatomy and Physiology and three courses (3 semester credit hours each) are in the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Energy Field.

3. Nine Courses (a total of 27 semester credit hours) of General Education in the following areas: English, Science/Math, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities. These courses are all offered online.

Submit proof of high school diploma or GED completion or international equivalent.

Transfer Credits

Students may transfer up to 30 semester credits of General Education requirements from an Accredited Institution. Students who wish to transfer credits will be required to submit Official Copies of Transcripts and may also be asked to provide additional information to document course equivalency.


Alumni may be credited for previous course work successfully completed at BBSH. In order to be awarded the Bachelor of Science degree they will be required to complete the General Education Coursework (or transfer in equivalent coursework from an accredited institution) and the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Energy Field courses (a total of three courses @ 3 semester credits each). Graduates will be required to complete at least 15 semester credits in the Degree Program at the School.