BBSH Anatomy and Physiology


Anatomy and Physiology I - (Anatomy and Physiology for Healers) A fundamental and comprehensive study in anatomy and physiology is an important aspect of learningAnat Phys for the professional healer. This knowledge provides an essential framework for Brennan Healing Science students, as they learn to work with the energy of specific organs and body systems. An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the physical body, and its interrelatedness to the Human Energy-Consciousness System, supports a truly integrative approach to healing. During the third year of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, students learn hands-on healing techniques and skills for balancing and assisting the healing of specific organs and body systems. This focused work requires a knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the physical body, so that students are able to relate their High Sense Perceptions and healing work to the associated physical structures and their functioning. Anatomy & Physiology for Healers (A&P I) is therefore available to Year 1 and 2 diploma students prior to Year 3 of the academic training.* The curriculum focuses on the structure and function of the human body. Each system of the body is reviewed in terms of its overall structure and function; the relationship of the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its physical manifestation; hands-on healing techniques; utilization of High Sense Perception in accessing structure and function; and experiential exercises integrating Brennan Healing Science skills, Psych-Spiritual Development skills and the development of High Sense Perception. Students of this Program attend two days of classes attached to the regularly scheduled BBSH resident training sessions, five times a year, for a total of 5 semester credit hours. They are also given reading and homework assignments that support in-class learning. The A&P faculty are experienced healthcare professionals, Brennan Healing Science Practitioners, and are also part of the current teaching faculty at BBSH. They embody a unique combination of medicine and healing, serving as exceptional resources and models for students who are learning to provide integrative care as Brennan Healing Science Practitioners. * Degree-seeking students must complete the course in Year 1. Anatomy and Physiology II This course is required of all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Degree Program, and is open to any Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4 student who is enrolled in the Professional Studies Diploma Program as well. The students utilize and expand upon the skills and knowledge they have gained in their study of basic Anatomy and Physiology (A&P I), as well as their general studies in Year 1 of the Brennan Healing Science Academic Program. Moving beyond structure and function, this course assists in developing the student's High Sense Perception and explores the effects of relationships and supporting systems on physical health and illness. The curriculum of this course complements the Year 2 learning of the Brennan Healing Science Academic Programs. Just as Year 2 focuses on the theme of relationship, the Anatomy and Physiology II Course extends this learning to explore the facets of relationship in regard to the physical body, including how the physical body in relationship to the energy consciousness system responds and the resultant manifestations of disease or recovery from illness. Adjunctive to the second year of training in Brennan Healing Science, it also enhances the student's ability to integrate the Healing Science skills with the functioning of the physical body, including how beliefs, thoughts and emotions affect the body systems and physical health. Classes focus on the dynamic physiologic and energetic processes of being in relationship with others and with the world. Classroom lectures and experiential learning covers character structures and their relationship to the manifestation of disease processes, the physiologic and energetic relationship and interaction between body systems, the science and energy consciousness of psychoneuroimmunology, the effect of the environment on the immune system, the energetic, emotional and physiologic impact of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders and the energy consciousness and related pathophysiologic aspects of heart disease. All of the classroom learning integrates physical anatomy and physiology with the energy consciousness of the subject being discussed, High Sense Perception, and the implications for utilizing Brennan Healing Science to facilitate healing. The A&P II course is attached to the resident training classes of the Brennan Healing Science Academic Programs at BBSH, consisting of 5 days of classroom study–one day, five times a year–for a total of 45 clock hours, providing 3 semester credits. Students are assigned reading material to support the in-class learning, and the experiential exercises utilize skills from all of the Brennan Healing Science curriculum, enhancing the integration and embodiment of their studies at BBSH. Anatomy and Physiology III A&P III students continue to learn about the energetic and physical manifestations in the healthy body as well as the changes that result from common illness or pathophysiology. During this course of study, students learn to expand their High Sense Perception from a cellular to a holographic scope that includes the dis-ease history of the body’s organs. Health issues specific to men and women are discussed, as well as the specifics of working with clients in various life stages. Year 3 of undergraduate study is supported, emphasizing the Healing Science skills of restructuring and 5th level work, as the students explore more fully the physiologic changes that occur during dis-ease processes and healing. Anatomy and Physiology IV A&P IV students focus on the integration of their learning with the application of their skills in preparation for working with clients in a clinical setting as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Through direct supervision, students are guided through comprehensive learning and evaluation in clinical practice sessions, demonstrating the following: personal knowledge of the Healing Science, Psych-Spiritual Development, Professional Practice and Integrative Care skills through thorough client interviewing, intake, history taking and assessment; accurate High Sense Perception; appropriate use of Brennan Healing Science hands-on healing techniques; session closure; and post-treatment recommendation. Classroom lecture time focuses on the further development of each student's ability to work deeply within specificity in relationship to the disturbances in the related structure and function of the Human Energy-Consciousness System.