Admission Requirements

BBSH programs support the commitment of loving self-responsibility on the part of the faculty and students. Healership calls one to standards of personal excellence and students of the School are asked to conduct their personal lives in and out of class with a high degree of personal integrity. It is essential that we live what we profess. Mutual respect is a keynote for both students and teachers. Through their interactions, students are supported in the development and practice of meticulous honesty with the self and with others. It is the path within the self that leads to the discovery of Divine Truth and Divine Will as they are expressed within one’s own being.

Through the combination of Resident Training and Distance Learning Modules, the student can complete this unique adult learning program.

Professional Studies and Bachelor of Science Program Applicants


Admission to Year 1 requires applicants to have a high school diploma or GED (General Education Development) diploma and to complete all application materials. Entrance exams or tests are not required. Applicants taking the GED test must submit a copy of their GED. A copy of a college diploma or transcripts is acceptable in lieu of a high school or GED diploma. Applicants must be 18 years of age.

Applicants who do not have a high school degree or higher must take the GED exam prior to admission into the school. There are approximately 3,000 exam centers in the United States. For more information about the exam and the regional testing center nearest to you, call (877) 392-6433 or visit

International applicants without the equivalency of a high school degree may either provide evidence of having passed an equivalency exam approved by the appropriate governmental agency of their country or may take the International GED exam. Exams are offered in almost every major city in the world. You may contact them by mail at: or go to their web site:
for more information.


Admission to Year 2 requires applicants to complete and pass all Year 1 requirements.


Admission to Year 3 requires applicants to complete and pass all Year 2 requirements and to successfully complete an Anatomy and Physiology course from an accredited college or university that offers degrees which meet for a minimum of 80 credit hours (Anatomy and Physiology Course Requirement).


Admission to Year 4 requires applicants to complete and pass all Year 3 requirements.

Advanced Studies Program Applicants


1. Completion of either the four-year Professional Studies Diploma or Bachelor of Science Degree Program
2. Complete and submit an application
3. Acceptance is based on a review process and the number of available enrollment positions.


Admission to Year 2 requires applicants to complete and pass all Year 1 requirements.

Health History Report — All Applicants

All applicants must complete a physical and mental health history report. Applicants suffering from a physical or mental condition detrimental to the applicant or the School will be reviewed by the Student Affairs Manager (and the Class Deans, as appropriate. Upon review of the situation, School will make recommendations that support the applicant’s well-being and health. The School reserves the right to deny admission and request that the applicant reapplies at a time when the applicant’s physical and mental health permit. An official physician or psychiatrist release form will be requested from the applicant. The School does this without prejudice. Applicants who have been hospitalized for a mental illness will be asked to wait five years after hospitalization to apply.

International Applicants — All Programs

International applicants must present evidence of having received a U.S. high school diploma or the equivalent thereof. All transcripts of secondary and post-secondary work are to be sent to the Registrar with English translations attached to any documents, transcripts, or diplomas written in a foreign language.