BBSH Featured Graduate - Viki Scudiery

Viki Scudiery

BBSH Class of 2012

Brooklyn, NY

Class of 2012

(609) 232-2598



Viki is an individual who possesses rare information, deep experience and nuanced discernment in her service to others. She has been intuitive from a young age, but her own medical issue over 20 years ago led her on a journey delving deeper into the science of healing. Working with alternative modalities and accomplished healers, Viki experienced a profound transformation in her life. She began to live more effortlessly and full of joy, trusting her intuition. This experience paved the way for her ability to impart the same transformation onto others.

She is certified in both ThetaHealing and the 4 year program of Brennan Healing Science. From this multi-faceted educational background and her own life experiences, Viki developed her unique practice working with the energy-consciousness system, Root Energy Healing.

Viki believes that healing is an exploration of deeply connecting to one's human nature and eternal self.

Root Energy Healing is a life-changing experience of body, mind and spirit healing. Rooted in the fundamental principle that everything is connected, Root Energy Healing is a holistic approach to a person’s life and well-being. Addressing the underlying cause of any imbalances in the energy system is the primary focus of this work. Because energetic shifts occur within the roots of a person’s being, change is comprehensive and long lasting. Natural flow and harmony are restored, allowing individuals to manifest their goals and desires. Clients experience long lasting improvement in their well-being, increased joy and continual personal growth.

Healing sessions are done in person as well as long distance. Distance healing is done over the phone and imparts the same profound benefits. Remember…energy is energy. Viki is able to sense into your energy field through the theta state, where the mind expands beyond the boundaries of the physical body. So you'll be able to receive the healing in the comfort of your own home/space. And instead of having to travel after the session, you can rest and integrate the session for as long as you'd like in the comfort of your own home/space.