Welcome to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing "Videos" page. For your convenience, we have linked some of the more informative videos about the School that are found across the internet, including our two-part "Becoming a Healer" video. Let's start with a few words from Dr. Barbara Brennan herself:


Now we offer you our information video "Becoming a Healer," here posted in two parts:


Here is a 3-minute video which offers everyone a look at the School through the eyes of two of our teachers:


Here is a Barbara Brennan montage video, "Taking the Braces Off Our Brains":


Here we offer some words about the School from our Student Affairs Manager Denise Mollo, along with a BBSH Admissions Representative at a recent Expo:


Finally, we have two videos posted on our Facebook page, which we share here with you for easy access... Enjoy.