Welcome to the BBSH Featured Graduate Program!

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is pleased to announce the creation of the BBSH Featured Graduate Program. This exciting new program is designed to offer graduates of BBSH a way to showcase themselves and their personal healing work through the BBSH website.  

The Program

Through participation in the Featured Graduate Program, BBSH is offering its graduates an opportunity to have a personal, dedicated webpage on the BBSH website to promote their healing work. The webpage can contain a variety of information, including:
  • personal picture
  • contact and location information
  • personal bio
  • description of your healing work
  • links to video, audio, articles and any other original content hosted on your own personal website
To further enhance the value of the webpage, any information you include on your webpage will be fully searchable on the BBSH website.  

The Benefits

The BBSH website was recently redesigned to implement a more modern and user-friendly design. The new design also incorporates a variety of Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) and social media tools to enhance the marketing power and reach of the website. The BBSH website now receives over 15,000 visitors per month from all over the US and the world and offers its visitors access to a wealth of information about BBSH and Brennan Healing Science. Through the Featured Graduate Program, BBSH graduates can take advantage of the many benefits that the BBSH website has to offer. Here are just a few of the benefits that can be realized through the Featured Graduate Program:
  • Broad exposure and access to a diverse and wide-reaching audience of people interested in healing work
  • Showcasing of your graduation and association with BBSH and the larger BBSH community
  • Use of multi-media (text, video, audio) to promote your healing work in a way that expresses your own unique individuality
  • Greater discoverability of your work to the public through enhanced SEO value
  • If you already have your own website, enhancement of the SEO value by creating links on your BBSH webpage to original content on your website
  • Expansion of your social media presence by linking your BBSH webpage to your social media accounts
  • Synergistic connection between your personal information and the wealth of information and knowledge offered on the BBSH website
We think this will be a great service for our graduates. And we are happy to be able to offer it for an initial fee of $89 (includes $40 set-up fee), with an annual renewal fee of $49. We are also pleased to offer a $20 discount off the initial fee of $89 for members of BHSPA. We’re also looking for ways to expand and improve it. So feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions.  

What We Will Need to Get Started

To register for the Featured Graduate Program, you can use the link below to pay the initial fee of $89 and email us at info@barbarabrennan.com with the following information:
  • your Picture
  • your Bio & Graduation Year
  • your Contact info
  • your Website info
  • your Business info
  • your incoming link to bbsh.com from your website
  • any additional media (audio/video) you wish to include
Initial Fee: $89 [BHSPA members receive a $20 discount off initial sign-up] Annual Renewal Fee: $49
- Annual Dues: $89
- Annual Renewal Fee: $49
- Email info@barbarabrennan.com to register today -


Below is a list of frequently asked questions & answers. Should you not see your query below, feel free to contact us. Why is the School offering this service? --> The inspiration to create the Featured Graduate Program emerged out of the School’s desire to explore and implement new ways of supporting its graduates and of helping them bring the gift of their healing work into the world. The Featured Graduate Program is just one manifestation of the fulfillment of that desire and reflects the evolution of a new vision for what the BBSH community can be. Can I participate in the Featured Graduate Program although I am not a BBSH Graduate? --> Unfortunately no, this program is exclusively for BBSH Graduates. How can advertising through the Featured Graduate Program benefit my Healing Practice? --> As with any small business, advertising creates brand awareness, builds a customer base, and introduces you to potential clients. Association with BBSH also increases your credibility. Why do I have to pay for this service? --> We would love to be able to offer this service to our alumni free of charge. But unfortunately, it would not be economically feasible due to the costs involved in setting up and maintaining the Program. Instead, we are offering this service at a very competitive rate while also providing a lot of value. What costs do the annual dues cover? --> The annual dues cover the cost to BBSH of administering the Featured Graduate Program and of contracting with third parties to provide the technical infrastructure, support and expertise required to set up, host, update and otherwise maintain the individual web pages. Can I make changes and/or update the information on my webpage? --> Yes. Once we receive your initial registration and payment of dues, you will be provided with a contact email address to use to send your initial information and any changes/updates you may have in the future. If I already have an ad, can I use that on my webpage? --> Yes, simply forward that ad to BBSH in the correct format and it will be placed on your web page online. How long will it take to place my ad on the BBSH website? --> It usually takes five-to-seven business days from the time we receive all the required documentation (in the correct format) and payment of the annual dues. How do I get started with the Featured Graduate Program at BBSH? --> Simply contact us at info@barbarabrennan.com.   DISCLAIMER: The Barbara Brennan School of Healing reserves the right to alter our rates as market forces dictate. BBSH reserves the right to refuse any ads that do not meet the basic requirements specified above or meet our overall guidelines for advertising.