BARBARA BRENNAN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., D.Th. Certifications: Pastoral Counseling; Pathwork® Helper Licenses: Massage Therapy Education/Training: Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy, 2001 Greenwich University / Norfolk, Australia D.Th. Doctor of Theology, 2001 Holos University / Springfield, Missouri Master of Science, Atmospheric Physics, 1964 University of Wisconsin / Madison, Wisconsin Bachelor of Science, Physics, 1962 University of Wisconsin / Madison, Wisconsin Senior Helper, 1979 Phoenicia Pathwork Center / Phoenicia, New York (Graduate of 5-year training program in Spiritual Helpership) Core Energetics Therapist, 1978 Institute for Core Energetics / New York, New York (Graduate of 3-year training program) Massage Therapist, 1975 Luther Rice College / Alexandria, Virginia Therapeutic Counselor, 1975 Community of the Whole Person / Washington, D.C. (Graduate of 2-year training program) Years of study with several American healers   Teaching Experience: Pace University; Institute for the New Age; 18 Years Teaching Healing, Channeling, High Sense Perception, and the Human Energy Field; Pathwork Training class.   Publications: Seeds of the Spirit®, 2009 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2009) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2008 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2008) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2007 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2007) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2006 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2006) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2005 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2005) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2004 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2004) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2003 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2003) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2002 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2002) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2001 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2001) Seeds of the Spirit®, 2000 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 2000) Seeds of the Spirit®, 1999 (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 1999) Seeds of the Spirit® (Barbara Brennan, Inc., 1998) Core Light Healing (Hay House, 2017) Light Emerging (Bantam, 1993) Hands of Light® (Bantam, 1987); numerous articles   Administration: Founder and President of Barbara Brennan School of Healing, established in 1982; Founder and President of Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe, established in 2003.   Research: Institute for the New Age, Detecting the Human Energy Field for Medical Diagnoses; Drexel University, Bending Laser Beams.   Professional Experience: Research Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA; Therapeutic Counselor, Institute for Psychophysical Synthesis, Community of the Whole Person; Core Energetic Therapist and Healer, Institute of Core Energetics, NY; 15 years of private healing practice.   Professional Bio (other): In addition to those professions listed, I also lived in a spiritual community called "The Pathwork," at the Center for the Living Force in Phoenicia, NY, for nine (9) years. Located in the Catskill mountains, the Center is a retreat in which residents do private spiritual practice of meditation and self-purification work through personal process. The foundation of the process is personal responsibility and intent to align the self with Truth, Love, and Divine Will. During my nine-year stay, I attended and graduated from a five-year training program in Pathwork healership. I then taught training classes and Core Energetics, and also became a Senior Helper. In the State of New York, the position of Senior Helper is legally considered to be that of "Spiritual Leader," a position that legally permits me to marry people in New York State. During my time as a Helper, I worked with many people as a spiritual counselor. I integrated this work into the body-psychotherapy work in which I had already been trained. As my High Sense Perception developed, this work slowly turned into a Spiritual Healing practice. I no longer have a practice, but train others in this work.