Core Light Healing

  Core Light Healing is about the creative process to manifest the life of your dreams! In Part 1, Barbara Brennan reviews the configuration of the Human Energy-Consciousness System (HECS). She then goes on to describe the creative process as it flows through the HECS. When the creative pulse is unblocked, we are able to manifest our longing. Unfortunately, we all have blocks that stop the creative flow. The blocks are where we have stopped our energy due to wounding and traumas that have occurred in childhood. These blocks prevent us from creating what we want and lead us in a vicious cycle of repetitive patterns. Barbara guides us through the steps to release these blocks. When the blocks are released, the creative energy is now free to flow and the end result is not only the physical manifestation of our heart’s longing but also more core essence, more core light. Part 2 is about the astral world or the 4th level of the HECS and its relation to the creative process. Before we can understand the 4th level we must first perceive it! Barbara Brennan begins Part 2 with an explanation of how high sense perception works so we can begin to perceive not only the 4th level but also other levels of the HECS. Next, Barbara gives a detailed explanation of the 4th level and how it functions. She relates the blocks that stop the creative process as “time capsules” that have potentially occurred through multiple lifetimes. Barbara then explains the process of healing the 4th level through time capsule healings. She explains the process of death and soul travel and how the HECS is affected. The 4th level is also about our relationships. In the 4th level we find various types of cords; these cords transmit information between people who are in relationship. For example, we create genetic cords to our birth parents and then relational cords to people or objects to which we have personal connections. These cords can either be healthy or can carry distortions that will interfere with our creative process. Ancestral cords that connect us to our ancestors can also either be healthy or can carry false belief systems that are perpetuated through multiple generations. Barbara gives detailed explanations on healing genetic, relational, and ancestral root cords as well. Interwoven through the book are Barbara Brennan’s personal stories of her childhood as well as her experiences as a beginning and then professional healer and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Also included is channeled poetry from her guide, Heyoan, which further elucidates and integrates the concepts presented throughout the book. Finally, each chapter ends with questions for the reader to further explore and work with the material presented. Now available through the BBSH Online Store – Click here to purchase!