BBSH Featured Graduate – Aluvia Marlene Astrid, MA

Aluvia Marlene Astrid

BBSH Class of 2004

Spicewood Texas Hill Country, near Austin BBSH GRADUATION:
Class of 2004 OTHER EDUCATION:
Masters in Transformative Theories & Practices – Atlantic University (2013)
  • Founded by Edgar Cayce
  • Includes coursework in Spiritual Crisis, Shamanic Journeying, and Past Life Regression Hypnosis
  • Additional certification as Spiritual Guidance Mentor (March 2011)
Bachelor of Science in Brennan Healing Science (2006) Licensed Massage Therapist - Texas Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (2002) Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy & Speech Communication – University of Texas at Austin (1988)
The Hearth Holistic Healing Retreat, Director CONTACT PHONE:
512-912-9012 EMAIL: WEBSITE:
Aluvia has been a Healing Arts practitioner since 1985, when she began using high sense perception to facilitate awareness and healing. She has also been providing planning and management in healthcare for over 20 years. Aluvia enjoys working with children. She was an elementary school teacher for ‘at risk’ children. Her Brennan senior project addressed using healing science for healing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).   Aluvia’s private healing practice utilizes Brennan Healing Science skills, and includes Spiritual Guidance Mentoring, Shamanic Journeying and Past Life Regression Hypnosis. She is passionate about emotional and spiritual healing and integration; and living from our most creative, authentic self.   Aluvia is owner and director of The Hearth Holistic Healing Retreat, in Spicewood, Texas, which is a community forum for all healers to provide workshops and education. It is intended to foster well-being, renewal, self-awareness, relationships and creativity.   Previously being in a role that supported patient care, her Master’s culminating project addressed the ability for beside nurses to learn and provide healing techniques for pain management and stress reduction. She facilitated 55 nurses from 5 hospitals in learning healing presence, active listening, guided imagery, and touch techniques that take just seconds or a few minutes while caring for the patient.   Aluvia also uses high sense perception to facilitate the human-equine relationship, offering her perceptions on how to energetically shift for greater partnership and ease.   Aluvia lives and practices in the beautiful Central Texas Hill Country, just outside of Austin. She started life in Queens, New York and has lived and practiced in Sedona, Arizona and Oahu, Hawaii. She enjoys creating stained glass art, gardening, knitting, being in nature and dancing.   If you’re looking for a skilled healer in the Texas Hill Country or near Austin, or would like a Long Distance Healing, contact Aluvia today!