Alumni Corner

  Welcome to the BBSH Alumni Corner, a page created just for you... the graduates of the Barbara Brennan Schools of Healing.

One of the goals of our first Alumni Gathering (held in September of 2012) was to agree on one loving action to take into the world as a practice for the year. We created the statement of intention you see above to remind us of our profound connection and purpose, and to remind us to practice choosing love even in the face of adversity. We agreed to align with the Unified Field of Love and embody this affirmation once a day. We invite you to join us in this practice. You may also click on the above video to see and hear alumni at the Gathering making their verbal affirmation of our commitment. To access the different features of this page, you may either scroll down or click on the following list: BBSH/E Alumni Gathering Information BHS Practitioner Brochure BHS Practitioner Business Card BHS Practitioner Logo Worldwide Alumni Associations Logo BBSH List of Graduates Past HMD Lectures (Audio Recordings)


Our first Alumni Gathering was held in September of 2012 at the Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Below is an e-book created by one of the attendees, alumni Marcus Sorensen (BBSHE '11), which highlights the alumni who attended and the flow of events at the gathering. It is beautifully assembled and presented. Use the arrows to navigate your way through the book. You may also click on the image to enjoy a full-screen version of the book.
  SECOND ALUMNI GATHERING—SEPTEMBER 2013 Our second Alumni Gathering was held at the Kongress und TheaterHaus in Bad Ischl, Austria, right before the beginning of Class 1 at BBSHE. It was a great success! Many alumni from both BBSH and BBSHE were in attendance. Once again, a fascinating and creative e-book documenting the gathering was assembled by one of the attendees, alumnus Marcus Sorensen (BBSHE '11), showing the flow of events and the various alumni presentations. Please use the arrows to navigate your way through the book. For a better viewing experience, you may also click on the image to enjoy a full-screen version of the book.
  THIRD ALUMNI GATHERING—AUGUST 2015 Our third Alumni Gathering met in the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains at the Sevenoaks Retreat Center in Madison, Virginia. We came together as a Community of the Sacred Human Heart to share, laugh, learn, create, heal, and be! It was a vital, illuminating, playful, educational, and joyful experience, immersing ourselves in the loving co-creative field of our group body as we deepened our connection to ourselves and our beloved BBSH/E Community.


You may use the link provided on this page to order your own personalized BHS Practitioner Brochure. This link will take you to another website, where you will receive instructions on ordering your trifold brochure in just a few simple steps. This website is owned and run by a BBSHE graduate and talented graphic artist. As this brochure is for you and your practice, you will be asked to supply a short biography of yourself, as well as up to three personalized photos for use on your brochure. All text and photos that you choose for your brochure can then be uploaded to the website for final design. You also have the choice of having your brochure produced in one of several different languages (alumni from various countries around the world have volunteered their time to do the translations). You will be informed of the final costs, how to make your payment, and how you will receive your final copy of your brochure, which you can then have printed at either a local printer or via an online printing service. To leave the Barbara Brennan website and begin the process of ordering your brochure, please CLICK HERE.  


Use the link provided here to download a PDF of the form used to order your BHS Practitioner Business Cards. Follow the instructions on the form, fill it out completely and return it to BBSH (the address is provided on the form). You will receive digital copies of your completed card to take to your local printer or to print out on your own color printer. There is $25 fee for this service. Cards may be ordered with or without a photo. To download your BHS Practitioner Business Card Order Form CLICK HERE.  


Our Brennan Healing Science Practitioner Logo that you will find on your BHS Practitioner Brochure is also available as a digital image file that you may use for other promotional material, as well as for your letterhead, website, etc., as long as the material is directly related to your Brennan Healing Science practice. In order for you to obtain a digital copy of the logo, you will need to download and sign the BHS Practitioner Logo Terms and Agreement for Use. Once the BBSH office has received your signed Agreement, we will send you a high-quality digital copy of the logo. Please indicate whether you would like this image sent to you via email or on a CD through the regular mail. To download the BHS Practitioner Logo Terms and Agreement for Use, please CLICK HERE.  


Our Association of Brennan Healing Science Practitioners Logo is available for use by alumni associations throughout the world. This creation has been prompted by a unified desire to have a consistent BHS look that will help you, your association, the work, and BBSH/E to become readily recognized in the world. Each country is permitted to have one association; each association may obtain a digital copy of the logo with their country's name at the bottom upon signing the Association of BHS Practitioners Guidelines for Use and returning it to BBSH. Once we have a copy of your signed Agreement on file, we will then supply you with a high-resolution digital image that you may use on your promotional material, website and other forms of communication. To view and download the Guidelines for Use for the Association of BHS Practitioners Logo, please CLICK HERE. The creator of the New Zealand BHS Association, Karen Reid (BBSH '07), is available to help BHS Practitioners in other countries to create their own associations. She can be contacted through her website If you are creating or already have created an association and would like help in creating your own website, please contact Marcus Sorensen, Brennan Institute faculty member and graphic designer, at Some countries with associations on the web include: Austria: Belgium: Germany: Japan: Netherlands: Slovenia: Switzerland: United Kingdom: United States:


Do you have a change you would like to make to your Graduate Listing on this website? Do you have an active practice and would like your email address or website linked to your name placed on the Active Practitioners Directory? Or perhaps you have moved and would like to update your information with the office. Just Click Email BBSH to send an email notifying us of the changes/updates you would like to be made.  


Please CLICK HERE to enjoy past recordings of the Healing-Medicine-Disease (HMD) Lectures presented during each class week at BBSH. HMD Lectures are organized by School Year.